The SBMS is recognised for the voluntary work of its Members

July 08, 2015
In the “BMA News” supplement that came with this week’s British Medical Journal, there was a piece on the “Doctors As Volunteers” Poster Competition, and in it was featured one of the two SBMS entries!
This is a fantastic recognition of the role that the SBMS Members play in providing medical relief work in Syria.
Here are some scanned images of the two-page spread, where you can see our poster, featured along with only three other entries.

And here is a scanned image of the relevant bits..

You can view all the entries, including the SBMS’s two entries, by clicking on the link below:…/volunteering/arm-poster-competition-2015.
And the web version of the article can be seen here:
Although neither of our two posters won a prize, we are very pleased that the SBMS is now being recognised as an active and efficient driver for medical voluntary work in our beloved Syria.
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