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  • Sat

    AGM 22.09.2012

    Dear All

    I would like to thank all of you who were able to attend the AGM on the 22 of Sept 2012 in Redditch/Abbey Hotel, and participated  in the election and the very useful discussion. I would like to thank all of you who expressed their support to our society, but were unable to attend the AGM.

    I would like to offer a special thank to Dr Abdulazim Saffaf and the departing council members for their hard work to make the AGM a success.

    Reports form the ex-President Dr Abdulazim Saffaf, the treasure Dr Ahmad Dabbagh and the media Officer Dr Joud Abdeljawad presented at the meeting.This was followed by an open discussion which was very constructive and useful. Notes of the lengthy, thorough and timely discussion have been taken and will be acted upon by the new Council.

    Election Committee was chosen by the AGM consisted of: Dr Kanaan Elias, Dr Mohammed Najjar and Dr Omar Kossaier

    The election process went very smoothly ,Thanks to election committee who were responsible for monitoring the voting process and for counting the voting.

    Dr Kanaan Elias declared the the names of the nine elected candidates and they were as follow:

    • Dr Ghanem Tayara  President
    • Dr Mulaham Entabi General Secretary
    • Dr Nizar Hammodeh Treasurer
    • Dr Fadel Moghrabi Media officer and IT
    • Dr Mohammad Alhadj Ali Training and relationship officer
    • Dr Raed Atasi Memebership officer
    • Dr Talat Atasi Scientific officer
    • Dr Mahrous Alsoud Social Officer
    • Dr Hazem Hamad Medical aid co-ordinator

    I would like again to thank you all. I would like to assure you that we will do our best to continue taking this society forward.

    Ghanem Tayara