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    Update from The President

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,
    I am delighted to share with you the SBMS Action Plan for 2011 as agreed by the SBMS Council:
    1. The Website: Many good ideas have been discussed and agreed to make the SBMS website a powerful tool to improve the communication among our members. This will include an interactive platform that will allow the members to make comments, enquiries and suggestions. It will, also, include facility for Online Voting on important issues as agreed by the AGM last month. Among other exciting ideas is the launch of SBMS Electronic Medical Journal. (Dr Joud Abduljawad the SBMS Media Officer is working hard to implement these changes and development.)
    2. Regional Representatives: There will be no change to our regional representatives. The Council and I are very pleased with the role they are fulfilling. Dr Ahmad Hamsho was nominated by Dr Kasem and was agreed by the Council to be our regional representative for Birmingham and Oxford. We do need nominations for more regional representatives to cover North Eastern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    3. The By-Law Committee: Will continue to exist without any change except that the General Secretary Dr Tayara will join the Committee in the life of this Council. The life of the Council is to be reduced to 2 years instead of 3 years. This was, unanimously agreed upon by the AGM.
    4. The Mentors: The mentorship list as it appears in our website will be kept, but many more members will be added to the list to reflect the true wealth of our society of professionals quite capable to provide mentoring to less experienced colleagues.
    5. Dental Committee (Dr Adel Mofti & Dr Nizar Hammodeh): The dental committee will be supported by Dr Kanaan Elias as the SBMS Consultant Adviser on Dental Affairs.
    6. Academic Activities:
    - Ophthalmology Conference: The date for the joint Conference between the SBMS and the Syrian Ophthalmology Society in Damascus will be 14th-16th April 2011. (The Sub-Committee: Dr Samer Hamada and Dr Molham Entabi).
    - The SBMS Syrian Resuscitation Committee: will continue in providing the ALS/ ATLS Courses in Syria. ( The SBMS Syrian Resuscitation Committee: Dr Ghanem Tayara, Dr Ayman Jundi, Dr Joud Abduljawad, Dr Talaat Atassi and Dr Samer Elkhodair) The Research Meeting for Trainees: This will be the responsibility of Dr Rami Tabbakh the SBMS Medical Training Officer. It will be organised in May/June 2011. It was agreed, as suggested by Dr Mounir Hakmi, to make it two-day event to include Academic and Social aspects for doctors and their families. It is likely to be booked in the Midland.
    - Dental Conference: The date for next conference will be in 2012. The Council will offer its full support to the Dental Committee to organise this very important event. Article 14 Committee: This is a new committee which was suggested by Dr Abdulrahman Kasem and it was agreed by the Council to establish this Committee to help doctors to access the Specialist Register through regular workshops, Mentorship and informal advice. The Committee will consist of: Dr Abdulrahman Kasem, Dr Molham Entabi and Dr Talaat Atassi.
    Temporary Workers Government Authorised Exchange (Tier 5): This is the scheme that can enable overseas doctors to train in UK Hospitals for two years fixed-term. Dr Kasem informed the Council about the existence of such a scheme and he is working on this to find out if the SBMS can utilise the scheme to help Syrian trainees to gain access to training in UK for 2 years.
    7. AGM & Gala 2011: as suggested by members at the AGM 2010, the Council agreed to have the next AGM at an earlier date. It was agreed that the AGM and Gala to continue to be on the same day to save people from travelling twice in the space of short time. The date of the next AGM and Gala will be on 1st of October 2011. Please do put this date in your diary. The venue will be announced later. Looking forward to seeing you all at the coming events,
    Abdulazim Saffaf